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Set Anything Ablaze In Style With The Viral Saberlighter!

Whether you're at a party, at home, or chilling with your buddies, you're guaranteed to spark up conversations and drop a few jaws every time you use the Saberlighter! 

It's windproof and has a torch flame - it might as well be a mini lightsaber at this point

And no more burnt fingers when lighting fireworks or candles! The long flame takes care of that.

More Reasons To Love The Saberlighter:

✔️ Lasts a Lifetime: Easily refillable with butane

✔️ No More Burnt Fingers: The saber flame can light anything upside down without burning your fingers!

✔️ Fully Adjustable Flame Size

✔️ Windproof: Stays lit even in a breeze

✔️ Extra Durable: Built with premium full metal construction

*Due to transport regulations, all lighters come empty of butane, butane is very cheap and easy to find.

LAST CHANCE: 50% Off the whole site only until 11:59 PM. Get yours before they're full price!

*Use at your own risk


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Money Back Guarantee

We offer an iron-clad 30 day money back guarantee on all products

Simply contact us through our contact page and we wil respond in reasonable time


Is it refillable?

yes, all of our lighters are refillable via butane

Do I need to be a certain age to order?

No, there is no minimum age to order lighters.

How do I adjust my flame size?

Each of these lighters has a valve located underneath the lighter. This valve needs to be slightly twisted towards the + or - sign using a key that comes with the lighter
How do I cancel an order?

Please contact us through our “Contact Us” page within 12 hours and will cancel the order no questions asked
Does the lighter come with butane?

Due to legal reasons, shipping items with butane or any kind of flammable substance is illegal. However, butane can be found in almost any store for around $3 USD.

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